Sunday, July 31

A colourful day!

The internet is fixed and for the first time in an age, I have some pics to post! I've actually really enjoyed taking a break from snapping and blogging (as much as I used to) because sometimes it's just nice to take a break from things... but on Saturday, I whipped out le Canon for a fun shoot with my sweet pal, Nadia. We shot and styled our little hearts out for a new project Nads is working on. Let me tell you - Nadia has the life! And I say this with love and perhaps, just a peppering of jealousy! Nads spends her days crafting in the most beautiful flat and Elle recently did a dreamy feature on her. I'm very proud of my friend. Love ya Nads! With regards to the shoot - I'm pretty chuffed with how the pics turned out and I think we did quite well with our first attempt at styling - stained table clothes and all for backgrounds! These are just some happy snaps from 'behind the scenes' - I hope you enjoy 'em. And yes, we did nosh almost all the props, haha! x


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