Friday, July 29

Peachy Keen and wonky internet

Huzzah friends! And hello new visitors who have swung by from Meg’s blog! Gloss in such a shambles at the mo – I feel a bit like I do when people ‘pop in’ and the flat is a state – haha! It has been pouring in Durbs which has wreaked havoc with our internet connection. As soon as everything is fixed, I’ll be back to ye old blog. In the mean time, feel free to rummage through the archives although not too far back to the era of cringe! The guys below are a Cape Town band called Peachy Keen - caught them at Unit 11 a while back - they have such a fun Rockabilly vibe. Last but not least is a picture of my friend Taneal who I am trying to persuade to become a stylist because this girl could make a bin bag look amaze. (She doesn't actually smoke, I just posed her ala Mad Men because I am Cheese Central.) My friends descend from all over the world for my bestie's wedding soon so hopefully I will have some mad Bridal Shower pics to post. Things may be sporadic but hey ho, such is life right now! Will have a blog reading catch up as soon as pos x

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