Monday, July 25

A shopping waffle

Sadly no waffles per se, just me waffling on. Well, hello all! Hope you're well? I'm afraid it's a fat fail for me on the blogging front this week. I literally have nothing prepped to post. One of my mates jokingly quipped that I need to 'Step up my game' - hah! Life has been manic and on the occasions where I have seen mates, it's been nice catching up sans camera. I do have a bit of a shopping snippet to share with you. I nipped into Mr Price tonight to discover a PLETHORA of wedges. In a multitude of colours! I can't tell you how pleased I am with this current wedge revival. They're pretty much the only 'heels' I can bare to wear. Also, Mr P seemed to have taken in a step in a more modern, streamlined direction. Was chuffed to see they've toned down the embellishments, silver threads, frills and studs etc! Spotted lots of cute, wearable stuff in the form of polka-dot collared tunics and flattering A-Line skirts. A nice break from the floozy 'belt' skirts that usually abound in SA's stores! The new stuff feels a bit H&Mish which is in no way a bad thing. I snapped up some yellow/greeny canvas wedges, a dotty skirt and a floral frock from the Aggy Deyn range. Love this frock! Would love more wedges too but the old tax return only stretches so far. Just crossing my fingers the clothes pass the wash test - the last bits I bought from Mr P suffered some serious shrinkage - maddening! How about you? Been on any SARS 'sponsored' sprees of late!?

Sorry for the al blurro pics - snapped 'em indoors at night.

PS: Lols at linking SARS. Thought it best to assure peeps abroad I'm not referring to the disease.

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