Wednesday, August 3

The Blog Shop has turned into an Open Day!

Huzzah! Since posting about my blog shop, I've received a flurry of emails which has sparked me to have a little re-think about it all! Herewith a ramshackled thought stream off the top of my head....

Unrelated image. Just needed to pretty up the post!

So long blog shop - hello open day!
A natural concern for you guys is the clothes fitting you - totally fair enough! When I thought of the shop, I thought, hey, I'll drop a few jackets off  - it'll be a breeze! Ha! Not really. It's turned into a bit of a logistical nightmare - lolz! Ugh, "lolz," I irritate myself when I write that these days. So, anything that isn't sold by Friday will be saved for an Open Day of sorts! That way, you can try stuff on and rummage through everything else on sale. The whole thing is done and dusted within two hours - easy! Naturally, this little shindig will have to take place in Durbs. Unless I win the lotto in which case, it's taking place in Central Park and I'm flying all of your sweet faces there. Nay, it might just be easier to throw all my clothes off the balcony and buy the whole of 5th Avenue. Apparently, they sell nice clothes there.

More on of open.
It will be a HUMBLE but sweet affair. Assuming, I don't win the lotto and all. I will probably team up with a certain accessory queen so there's more lovely things for you to shop through. I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do this regularly. It's essentially just an opportunity for me to pass on some pieces to new loving homes while throwing back a Pimms with some kindred folk!

You'd like me to flog some stuff for you?
A few of you emailed me to ask if I would buy old clothes off you. So sweet you lot. Thing is, I don't really have time to put into a full-time shopping-selling-swopping extravaganza. I know alot of girls (well, not all personally) who buy clothes off people that are scattered around South Africa so I will put you in touch with them.

 But you really have something super sweet and vintagey that you think I would love for myself or to sell?
Ok sweet! If you'd like me to buy those sweet threads off you, I will arrange a day when everyone can drop off clothes with me but you must forgive me for being extremely selective and snobby! I think the afore mentioned Open Day will only be worth everyone's time if I only sell 'super sweet vintagey' stuff or high street stuff that doesn't show much sign of wear and tear. Hope that's cool with ya? You can always donate the stuff I don't buy to charity or sell them to another one of my thrifting friends who do this sort of stuff for a living/full-on hobby!

"Ok so, what the frig did you just say Lauren?"
No more blog shop. Instead, there's a "Buy Day" where I buy your sweet old threads if they're still in good nick and then an "Open Day" when I sell all the goodies in one spot and you can try on stuff to your heart's content. 

I will keep you posted of the dates for the terribly named "Buy Day" and "Open Day." Do not hold me to any of this. I don't have the time to commit to anything more that the odd fun day of flogging old clothes. Thanks to everyone who has an expressed an interest in selling/swopping/buying from me. Tis much appreciated!

Closing panicky thoughts: I really don't have many things to sell at present. There's probably only two souls out there who would come to such a thing. I will probably be sat at some venue with a case full of clothes feeling more foolish than I did today when I chucked a cup of tea over my keyboard, followed by a spectacular trip over a phone cord. Oh well. It's a risk of shame I think I'm willing to take!

PS: Lols at me categorising this in "Fashion." Hardly. Ha.
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