Monday, January 17

Louder Than Silence

Whenever someone new comments on Gloss, I do my best to click on over to their blog. Well, the other day I received a comment from Louder Than Silence and when I clicked on their blog link, I  virtually lept off the couch with happiness! They are a British couple who scribble about music, design and fashion. Their blog is full of dreamy outfit posts and whimsical encounters. My heart pines for London while reading their posts! They actually remind me of a British version of Hannah and Landon. I especially love to follow London-based bloggers because they help me feel connected to my old home-for-a-year. So if you have a link to share, please don't feel shy.

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Thank you so much for your encouraging words about Smitten! It's thanks to you lot that I decided to give it a go so cheers gang!
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