Sunday, January 16

Smitten 'business' baby!

Hello guys! Hope you all are having lush weekends? I've got a bit of news to share today. Because my thoughts are bit scrambled at the mo', I thought I'd scribble 'em down in bite-sized bullet points.
  • It turns out I do have a 'proper' New Year's resolution. Or more of a goal, per se. I'd love to develop my photography this year - so much so, that I've decided to have a bash at some weekend freelance work. (I still work full-time in advertising.) My new little biz goes by the name of Smitten Pictures! Pro photogs - you may commence eye-balling rolling sequence at another amateur with a DSLR!
  • I want to put lots of TLC into Smitten's 'brand' as it were but I haven't begun proper work on it yet. I'm hoping to have some stationery and marketing material good to go by April.
  • Smitten does have a blog but it's a bit like a stripped down version of Gloss at the mo. I do have some ideas on making it a fun place to visit so do swing by for 'tea' and pictures!
  • If (hopefully, when) I do some official shoots, I'll bung a pic or two on Gloss and then post the rest on Smitten.
  • You can also find Smitten on Facebook - wahey! Hopefully, that will grow into a cheerful community of clients and friends. Right now there's only 20 odd of us, bless.
  • I also treated myself to a Flash Gun for Christmas. I expect to not buy as much as a pair of socks till April. It's gonna be awesome. Photography = skintness.
  • I am a bit concerned that I have minimal equipment and experience but hey, ya gotta start somewhere I suppose.
  • Here is a pic of me scarfing down cake at Unit 11. A guest post to follow on their blog soon.

PS: I'm hoping to have some relaxed shoots under my belt before I even contemplate weddings but I would love to shoot some whimsical weddings one day!
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