Friday, January 21

Be Back Soon (I hope!)

Sheesh guys, three days without blogging - think that's a record for me! I'm just popping in to say I might be 'offline' for a bit longer than I'd like. 2011 is proving to be a very busy year and I'm currently in the midst of many a project. Apologies if you've emailed me about blog stuff and I haven't responded. I promise I will as soon as the dust settles. In the mean time, here is an 'outfit post' from the other day. Sorry I look a bit snobby - don't think my face wanted to play ball that day! Well guys, this is Red Squirrel, over and out for now. Have wonderful weekends and chat soon hopefully.


PS: Wouldn't wanna type out a whole letter on that typewriter - takes so much space just to punch out three words (Ha! I'm delirious.)
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