Monday, January 24

The Kloof SPCA (A thifter's paradise!)

I treated myself to a morning of funtivities on Saturday! "Funtivities" is a term I like to borrow from Michael Scott - my second hero, after Adrian Mole. So can you believe the last time I visited the Kloof SPCA was when was about six - six! That's shocking. Well, virtually every time I stop someone in Durban to ask them where they got their bag / scarf / top, they reply, "Kloof SPCA" or "Hospice." Hence, I've been meaning to visit the shops and animals of the Kloof SPCA for an age. Twenty-two years to be exact. Problem is, Saturday mornings are usually a write off for me. I tend to sleep in shamefully late. But not this Saturday. Craig and I were off at 11am (Ha! Still late) and took a gander around the SPCA premises. OH MY WORD. It is awesome! Clothes, vinyls, books, zillions of ceramic animals (and real ones), plants, old 80's printers, Soda Stream machines, crazy 70's curtains, VINTAGE CAMERAS - whatever you can think of that was awesome from the past is here. And you can take 200 zars and practically buy the whole shop. Well, sort of. Not really but there are some amazing gems at brilliant prices to be found here. It is my new place to go - for everything! And all the proceeds go towards helping the animals. What could be better than that.


I only had 40 bucks on me but I bought two cokes, a camera and two ceramic animals that I will show you soon. Thanks for a wonderful morning SPCA! And yes, I'm back this week:)
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