Thursday, October 14

Beach and blogs

Bridget, one of my dearest besties, has flown back to the BVI's. You will be missed Beavis. I mean Bridget. When she returns, we'll be stepping into dresses for her wedding in the African bush! Hopefully, I'll be 10 kilos lighter (God willing I can kick my cheese addiction) and have hair long enough to fit into the 'side-pony that's messy-yet-stylish upstyle' that Bridget has planned for us bridesmaids. Notice my not-so-subtle bingo arm hiding going on in that pic! Can't believe I'm blogging about bingo arms - moving on swiftly! So this is us at the beach the other day. It looks like there wasn't a soul in sight but it was actually packed to the max. We're not in the habit of wandering down desolate windy piers. From the beach to blogging now. Ridiculous linkage! There's a blog, well actually, two blogs I wanted to tell you about. Yesteryday, I discovered The Day Book via What Would A Nerd Wear. Both blogs are flipping awesome and I'm sure you'll enjoy swinging by them. And in other bloggy news, I've added a category for giveaways on the side so you never have to miss a chance to win on old Gloss. Happy blog reading all!

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