Wednesday, October 13

Mooi (and the demise of "Lunch with Lauren")

What's up gang!? Hope you're all a having a good week so far. Thanks for your super song suggestions in this week's giveaway. My personal fave so far has been Candice's - "Brandon Flowers (from the Killers, gone solo and rocking it, thank goodness thought my perving days were over when i heard they had split up)" Lols! Yes, it's quite a relief that Flowers hasn't given up the singing lark. While we're swopping songs, may I recommend a band called The Kills? They're my current fave but I'm sure many of you already know 'em. Back to this blog post. After our nomtastic brunch on Saturday, Nadia and I popped into Mooi which is looking darn delightful. How awesome is that Fisher Price cassette player? It totally plays Disney's Dumbo and records! Who remembers making cheesy "radio" recordings as a kid? I even went as far as to major in radio but decided to go in another direction when I realised I still sounded five years old behind the mic. Wasn't quite ready to crank my life's cringe factor up to epic proportions! "Lunch with Lauren" will never see the erm, light of the airwaves. So this casette player. If someone hadn't already bought it, Nadia and I would have had to scrap it out, resulting in a rapid and tragic end to our friendship. Also, Nadia would like you to know that she was not demanding I take pictures of her. On the contrary, I was the demanding one! My poor friends. And to those of you that haven't been and would like to visit, Mooi lives on the corner of Clarke & Bulwer Roads in Durban. Tell them the bird from Glossary sent you!


By the way and before I forget again, thanks so much for all the 'hair' compliments. Some of you were subjected to my meltdown on Twitter post-snip and I thank you for your moral support!
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