Monday, October 18

I ♥ Feminine Magazine Covers

Hiya guys. Did you have a nice weekend? Craig and I chilled the heck out and it was awesome. I caught up on emails, updated my flickr (sorry for the spam flickr buds!) skyped my school buds and generally pottered around in my bear suit aka wooly jimjams! Today, I fancied blogging a current love of mine - feminine magazine covers. I wanted to say girly magazine covers but that sounded a bit dodge. Isn't this new wave of erm, ladylike glossies such a refreshing change from the overtly sexy, mini-dress malarkey that usually abounds? I feel these softer covers are a sign of the modern female mindset of 'we can rock all sorts of things while wearing cute clothes without having to worry about being perceived as weak.' Deep! Have you seen any of the South African editions adopt this flirty, floral look? I can't say I have but perhaps I've missed some? I'm still a fan of edgy, avant-garde covers but I can honestly say, I'm so over the whole T&A look! What about you? Sweet, sexy or both?

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