Sunday, March 29

Sundaze in Winston Park

Aloha! First things first - thank you so much to everyone who sent me a message of sorts regarding my previous post. I've been letting it all marinate and I'll be plugging in a post later this week to let ya'll know where my head is at now re this sprogging business! You gave me lots of excellent advice to think on, and I'm very grateful for it. {Although last night I had a nightmare dream that I was preggers and I had to have an epidural done about a hundred times...}In the meanwhile though, I just wanted to share a few pics of our hood which is showing off at the moment! Slowly but surely, the leaves are turning a crunchy, golden colour and yet there are still loads of lush, summer blooms in the mix. Oh, and yes, people in this area actually have horses in their backyard. But no, they don't walk down the road with clutch bags in the middle of the day. That was just me wanting to show off a recent sale snag! Also, Tall One looks like he wants to murder me in these pics but I assure you, he was full of the joys. "It's Blue Steel, people can't always look happy in pics." - his words.

 photo IMG_4659.jpg photo IMG_4588.jpg photo IMG_4566.jpg photo IMG_4490.jpg photo IMG_4636.jpg photo IMG_4462.jpg photo IMG_4673.jpg photo IMG_4447.jpg photo IMG_4646.jpg photo IMG_4515.jpg photo IMG_4499.jpg photo IMG_4467.jpg photo IMG_4567.jpg photo IMG_4617.jpg photo IMG_4484.jpg photo IMG_4463.jpg  photo IMG_4521.jpg photo IMG_4526.jpg
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