Sunday, January 18

Sunday Chillin'

Holla! I am scribbling this from the couch while watching Ocean's Eleven for the zillionth time and Jon is cooking us our very first potjie! It smells INSANE. We are determined to make Sundays as fun as possible because I can't bear Sunday night blues. This morning, I rustled up a French style brekkie as I've been dreaming about visiting Paris again. Afterwards, we shopped for the potjie, went on a coffee date and worked out what we still need to get for the cottage. We reckon we'll be sorted by November. Oi! Oh, we also rented some Lost episodes! I was beyond obsessed with the first few seasons of Lost and I desperately wanted to rewatch it but I never expected Jon to go on the Lost journey as he's not really into fictional shows - but he's on the Lost train too! We're halfway through Season One and it's been so much fun cranking through a series together. We went years without a telly and now look at us! Anyway, I must go make my lunch for work tomoz. I am determined to hop on the health train too. Can't become a croissant monster! PS: Those are some of the flowers in our garden below! I just love opening the curtains to 'em x

 photo IMG_3771.jpg photo IMG_3632-2-3.jpg photo 1.jpg photo IMG_3645.jpg photo IMG_3618-2.jpg photo IMG_3738.jpg photo IMG_3650.jpg photo IMG_3618-2.jpg photo IMG_3798.jpg photo IMG_3625-2-4.jpg photo IMG_3643.jpg photo 2.jpg photo IMG_3616-2-3.jpg
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