Friday, January 16

Looking back at old pics

Sooo, I was going through some old photographs and I came across these guys. If you're new to Gloss, this is how it used to look back in the day. Lots of ridiculously close-up shots! I really need to get a wider lens stat. Anyway...I felt really weird and sad going through these. I mean, I love the pics but a flood of memories came rushing back. I started Gloss after returning from London because I was excited to explore and share snaps of my home town but I also threw myself into it because I needed a distraction from the fact that my marriage was falling apart behind the scenes. Not the sort of thing one can easily blog about! So on the one hand, I was dashing around, making new friends (Nads and I were inseparable at the time!) and starting a new job, but on the other hand, I was putting on weight and crying my eyes out in therapy every few weeks. Life sure looks different now. Anyway, no real reason for blogging this other than I stumbled across these, and thought, "Ah, cool but sad." Then I thought I should scrapbook them and then decided I am way too lazy for that and would just bung 'em up here! 

 photo IMG_78583.jpg photo IMG_4949.jpg photo IMG_5004.jpg photo IMG_3272.jpg photo IMG_49952.jpg photo IMG_7323.jpg photo IMG_4976.jpg photo IMG_34372.jpg photo IMG_0077.jpg photo IMG_33172.jpg photo IMG_92802.jpg photo IMG_12232.jpg photo IMG_82182.jpg photo IMG_78603.jpg photo IMG_0066.jpg photo IMG_49362.jpg photo IMG_2163.jpg photo IMG_2481.jpg photo IMG_2445.jpg photo IMG_35222.jpg photo IMG_0769-1.jpg photo IMG_2193.jpg
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