Monday, November 18

Small Victories

You know when you're so tired that cleaning your floors seems like a triumph. Yeah, I'd blog that shiz but I'm pretty sure the tumbleweeds would officially roll into Gloss that day. I don't even think my mom would check in here for that. Or maybe she would considering she never saw my bedroom floors for the first eighteen years of my life. I was a messy one growing up. These days, if I see one ombre lock on the floor now, it's out with the dustbuster.

What am I writing about? Crumbs, I am tired. Life has been rolling around on this riveting cycle - work, eat, bath, sleep, repeat. I feel like Peggy Olsen but without all the scandal, Scotch and uncomfortable pencil skirts., I thought I'd scramble together a blog post celebrate the small victories!

- I ate really healthy last week DESPITE the fact that we have an unlimited supply of treats on tap at at work. Saying no to a Mars Bar on a Saturday afternoon at the office ain't no easy feat, I tells ya. 
- I worked out four times although my legs acted like I'd run a half marathon. Come on legs, what about that muscle memory I hear people speak of. Oh, it's for profesh athletes only? Rats.
- I watched my playscool pal win "Best Jammer' at Roller Derby on Saturday night! Probably best I quit while I was wiping out ahead at Derby. Not sure I would have coped with a hundred guys yelling, TACKLE HERRRRR!!!
- Tall One patiently guided me home after I got horribly lost in the mist on Saturday night. Ah mist. I used to think you were so romantic and magical. Now, I know you were created in the mountains of Mordor and sent here to conceal every road name in Hillcrest. 
- My new job, while crazy busy, has rewarded me some MAD opportunities. Pro - get to write about some seriously cool shiz. Con - can't tell anyone about it, ever. Drat.
- I slept from 7:30PM till 7am last night. It was epic until I dreamt that burglars had broken into my flat. Thanks for that, brain. 

So yes. My floors are 70% clean. I ate "50% less fat pizza" tonight and it didn't taste like a spinach ala chipboard. Life is busy, but good. 

PS: I will probably go through a mad picture-taking phase again soon and crunch out fifty million blog posts. You guys are gonna get spammed when you're least expecting it. Especially if life involves some more animal farm visits. Be warned. x
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