Tuesday, November 12

My fave Don Draper clips

Hey, hey! I've been compiling a bunch of advertising quotes that I'd like to typeset and frame for inspiration. To anyone who doesn't know/is vaguely interested, I work in advertising. I don't know why, but that just sounds a bit pretentious but heck, it is what I do. Today, I realised I've been in the ad biz for nine years - how utterly mental! Right now, I am living, breathing and sleeping advertising. And using horrible cliches. And starting sentences with 'and.' I've also been watching Mad Men clips on Youtube for inspiration - these are some of my favourite Don Draper clips. I'm sure there will be loads of ad folk who disagree with me but I find Mad Men to be such an accurate representation of the ad biz. Sure, they're scribbling on paper and rattling away on typewriters but whenever I listen to Don pitch, I'm always like, "Dang son, that's good." I wasn't gonna blog this because most of you have probably seen this series but I wanted to collect these somewhere. x

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