Sunday, May 26

Leaf crunchin'!

I couldn't let the last weekend of autumn pass without a crunch through Winston Park. I scooped up this lovely lot on Saturday morning and we headed up the hill where it is leafalicious! Nikki's kids were destroying me with cuteness! We had planned to go on a walk but we literally dove into a pile of leaves a few metres from the car and played there for two hours! Got a few odd looks from passing drivers as we sat there noshing donuts next to the side of the road. Mmmm. I was in my element. Can you believe how tall my God-daughter has grown? I love these kiddies to the moon and back. If you're a new reader, please meet my bestie, Nikki, and her kiddies, Hunter and Kaylynne. How hipster is Hunter? Too precious. He'll kill us one day for posting these, I'm sure. x

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