Tuesday, May 21

A tribute to the SPCA

Long-term readers will know that I have a special place in my heart for the Kloof SPCA. When I was a kid, we went there to choose our first two dogs - we fell in love with a brother and sister pair - Freddy and Cleo! These days, I go there to pet the animals, tuck into home-made cake and scrummage around for mental R5 ornaments. And there's lots of my old stuff floating around there too! The ladies there probably know me as the "camera girl" - "Do you have any old cameras lurking about?" I was gutted to hear that the SPCA recently suffered from two fires. Thank goodness none of the animals were harmed. Many local businesses have kindly stepped in to support the SPCA in this tough time. I hope some of these snaps I've taken over the years might encourage someone who has never been before to pop in for a visit. Long live the SPCA! x  

 photo IMG_8499.jpg photo IMG_0695.jpg photo IMG_8520-2.jpg photo IMG_0747.jpg photo IMG_92742.jpg photo IMG_72962.jpg photo IMG_8521.jpg photo IMG_73872.jpg photo IMG_8976.jpg photo IMG_92692.jpg photo IMG_7333.jpg photo untitled-8845.jpg photo IMG_9284.jpg photo untitled-8923.jpg photo IMG_7375.jpg photo untitled-8811.jpg photo IMG_1671.jpg photo IMG_73102.jpg photo untitled-8948.jpg photo untitled-8954-1.jpg photo untitled-8798-1.jpg photo IMG_4745-2.jpg
 photo IMG_5779.jpg

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