Saturday, March 30

The Vintage Wedding Dress

Taneal and I were having an epic scrummage around the SPCA stores today when we saw this - a vintage satin wedding dress, hanging on the wall. I always feel sad when I see something that was once so special, tucked away in a dark corner. So we did what we had to do: photograph it! Taneal hopped inside the dress and I squeezed into various corners of the bathroom with my camera  - but we didn't hold up any waiting ladies. I think we just confused a few of them with our mental antics!
  photo untitled-8866.jpg photo untitled-8845.jpg photo untitled-8892.jpg photo untitled-8876.jpg photo untitled-8923.jpg photo untitled-8843.jpg photo untitled-8913.jpg photo untitled-8874.jpg photo untitled-8941.jpg photo untitled-8903-1.jpg photo untitled-8881.jpg photo untitled-8897.jpg photo untitled-8839.jpg photo untitled-8852.jpg
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