Sunday, March 31

Tea, Cake 'n Thrifting.

Dang, that title truley sums up three of my favourite things. Happy Easter, friends! Hope you're having an epic morning of tea and choccies. Here are a few more snaps from our little thrifting mission yesterday. After, the SPCA we found this amazing Collectibles jol but I ran out of space on my memory card - fail, Lauren. I had also taken so many pics of Taneal in a field (ha) so yeah, note to self - buy a bigger memory card. But you can check out some Instagrams I snapped here. x

 photo untitled-8798.jpg photo untitled-8842.jpg photo untitled-8976.jpg photo untitled-8805.jpg photo untitled-8954.jpg photo untitled-8811.jpg photo untitled-8983.jpg photo untitled-8797.jpg photo untitled-8959.jpg photo untitled-8948.jpg photo untitled-8985.jpg photo untitled-8952.jpg photo untitled-8766-1.jpg
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