Thursday, October 27

Part 2: Feel better tips from my blogger buds

Here is the follow-on from this post! This series turned out to be rather short and sweet - I think all of us bloggers are busy bees at the mo. Thanks to all the ladies that took part. Your blogs always brighten my day. x

Sally / Louder Than Silence

I cannot get enough of Sally and Ross' blog. It just too lovely! They really help me to  feel connected to London. If I ever get a chance to return to the Big Smoke, I'm ringing these two up. How awesome is their Happy Picture?!! My heart!!! Too adorable!

1. Make yourself a fancy cocktail, preferably one that contains a large measure of gin!
2. Put some Roxy Music on and dance around your room. Bryan Ferry = instant mood improver.
3. Invite your best gal pals over for a sleepover complete with girly movies, face masks and silly games - I thoroughly recommend Dreamphone.
4. Go for a long walk or bike ride
5. Bake a cake. If the making process doesn't lift your spirits, enjoying the fruits of your labour with a steaming hot mug of earl grey should do the trick!


Melissa / Miss Molly Fashions

Mel has become a dear friend of mine. She's like this full-on fashionista and so beautiful, she could grace the catwalks of London Fashion Week and yet she is so down-to-earth with a wicked sense of humour! I'm so glad I've gotten to know her through blogging and jaunts around Durbs.

1. A hug from Mathew ( my boyfriend)
2. Watching ‘How i met your mother’
3. Walking. I walk to work most days and it feels awesome. I start the day feeling energized with a clear head.
4. Sweets (especially the ones in the big Woolies tubs)
5. Cuddling my Bunny



1. Playing with my dogs
2. Taking a bubble bath, followed by a cuppa tea
3. Watching SATC with some yummy treats (Such a girl!)
4. A visit to the SPCA - puppy love and some cheap and cheery thrifting
5. A good sob and a snuggle under the duvet!


Gosh, I have so many pics that make me happy but this is a fave. It's of us girls on New Year's Eve many moons ago, just before everyone headed off abroad. We're all dripping in sweat after running around a house party like lunatics! 
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