Wednesday, November 17

Llymlrs Loves

Lily Melrose. What an awesome name. For some strange reason it reminds me of three of my favourite things - Melrose Place, Melrose Cheese and lilies.  I recently discovered her blog via Jen's and it's safe to say I'm a stalker big fan. She's got the British student-meets Olsen Twin vibe nailed to perfection. Fellow fans will know that her blog's name is 'Lily Melrose' (again, awesome) spelt without the vowels. I personally refer to it as 'Lymmers' to anyone that will listen. Last week I asked her what her current 'loves' are and this is what she replied. Thank you Miss Melrose.


  1. High Street Store: H&M
  2. Cuppa: PG Tips!
  3. Designer: Vivienne Westwood
  4. Trend: Camel
  5. Accessory: Asos Cross Ring
  6. Band: The Strokes
  7. Movie: Almost Famous
  8. Blog: Vipxo
  9. City: New York City
  10. Outift: This one
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