Friday, November 19

Interpret Durban, awesome

Guys, is it the height of cheese to leave an event, go straight home and blog about it? Probably! Well, I've had two polystyrene cups of wine so who knows where this blog post will take us. Tonight was the first annual Interpret Durban party. (If you're a newcomer, hello and welcome! Durban is my hometown on the east coast of South Africa.) Now, Durbs gets a bad rap for being, well, a bit boring. Us Durbanites tend to moan that nothing ever happens here. Well, that all changed this year! Or, at least it's felt like it has. Alot of cool places have opened up and things are crackalacking. Yeah, I still use that word. Durbs has always been a creative city that's flown under the radar but it's getting pretty noisy now! Much of that is thanks to two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, Casey and Richard. These guys recently started an alternative Durban tours company called Street Scene which has been a hit of note! They wanted to print some tees for the business but instead of going for your standard golfer, they asked the whole city to submit their ideas! Loads of Durbanites created tee designs that reflect their interpretations of Durban and everyone got together tonight to party and choose some winning designs for Street Scene. I went along (Han Solo as Craig was working) and met many of you whom I know via the Twitterverse and blogs - it was awesome! Ah man, Case and Rich did such a super job putting the show together. On sale were the best Bunny Chows* and Rottis in town (real traditional Durban grub), a killer band played, there were sneaker Sketch Wars and all the proceeds are going to a local underprivileged football team. Well done Case and Rich, you guys made us proud. Here's how the night looked through my lens.

A very important edit! I received this comment from Wayne: "Just a quick point of correction, cause I know Judd would crawl up into his little fun bus and have a big old cry if he heard that people thought the cups were polystyrene. They are in fact a bio cup. They are made of corn starch and a special vine. They will turn into a worms delight in the next 72 days." Lols!! Thanks for that Wayne, much appreciated. "A worm's delight" - you slay me.


If I snapped a pic of you and it's not here - don't worry. It wasn't you, it was me. Two wines and dimly lit coffee roasteries don't make for the sharpest of snaps. *No bunnies are harmed during the making of a bunny chow. It is a 1/4 loaf of bread, scooped out and filled with curry - nomtastic!

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