Monday, April 6

Lunch at Crystal Barn

On our third day in the Midlands, we met Kerri for lunch at Crystal Barn. One - it's always a lol of a catch up with Kez - and two - Crytal Barn is amaaaaze. It's like a much bigger, guest house version of Antiques House in Durban - and I LOVE me some Antiques House - I had my 32nd birthday tea there last year! As you can see from the pics, it's just jam packed with pretty things - and there are two adorable dogs which nuzzled at my feet while I ate! Speaking of eating,  I was so excited to tuck in, I forgot to snap pics of our food but just like Antiques, everything is beautifully presented in mismatched plates. While we were there, the most epic hail storm broke out which resulted in mass excitement {and some hailstones in my handbag which I forgot to take inside!} We huddled under a little shed thing outside for as long as we could, drinking wine and catching up, but when we started getting pelted, we nestled in at the bar which was cozy central. I do love the Midlands but I've always felt it needed more of this - somewhere seriously whimsical and special. It's def worth a visit if you're in this part of the world! x

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