Wednesday, January 7

Keeping it simple in 2015!

Good day, good people! How have the holidays treated you? Well, I hope. I have been on my longest holiday - like - ever. Seventeen whole days outa the office! What have I done with those seventeen days? Uh, nothing! Long term readers will know that I've gone without telly for the past three years but my bro donated his old one to the cottage and my parentals treated us to two months of DSTV for Christmas so I have literally been binge watching telly almost every day! Extreme Cheap Skates! The Kardashians! Millions of movies! Crimes, thrillers and weird reality shows - I have watched it all and I am LOVING IT! People say it gets boring but right now, it's a total novelty. I think Jon is rather horrified at my capacity to watch so much cr@p but hey, ho, it's the holidays!

Oh, I've also completed some MAJOR spring cleans. I have a tendency to hang to the most random sh$t for years but this holiday, I donated every thing I have not touched for over a year from old gift bags to panda pajamas that no longer fit me. I allowed myself to keep two big plastic tubs of stuff but that's it. Now, I can easily reach the stuff I use most often. How organised! Heh.

Moving onto a fashiony note, even though I write about fashion all day, every day for work, and have styled many of my friends before, I myself, always feel like a complete scruff. Towards the end of last year, I did a serious analysis of my wardrobe and noticed that it was a mish mash of mental prints and loud colours which I would love for a couple of wears but then HATE. I pulled out all the crazy, colourful stuff and noticed that the bits I wanted to keep were all neutral - quelle surprise! Black coat? Keep. Tuxedo jacket? Keep. Studded, vintage, flannel shirt with a million colours? Toss! Now the fash mags are always touting this {and my friends and I have been nattering about this a lot lately} but flip, it's so true - neutrals and a few great-fitting essentials are the way to go if you don't have a lot of loot to blow on clothes - and it's my new way forward! You can wear 'em more often without people noticing in a good way - and they tend to look, well, effortlessly more polished {insert all the fashion lingo!} The thing is, I've been colour obsessed my whole life and I do like things that are a bit bonkers and edgy which is where the bright lip and statement accessories come in! You can easily update a neutral look with a hot lip colour or say, a leopard clutch. So anway, even though I've known all this for yonks, I've never really applied any of it but I've started collecting more neutral bits and I'm planning on investing in a few more staples and already, I'm find the getting ready process WAY less stressful. Plus, black and white is the colour of PANDAS! Trust them to nail the most timeless look eva :P Hope you like my neutral look with a pop of colour below!

PS: Will obviously lose the 9.5 kilos I gained last year, drink more water and attempt to be a better person in 2015. Have my heart set on a big dream this year which I am using as motivation to be a healthier human - more on that soon...

PPS: Updated the blog with a cleaner layout in keeping with my new-found monochromatic mojo!

Edit: Wish I had worn black court heels instead of wedges with this look - you live and learn! 

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