Sunday, November 16

Our Saturday Hideaway

Jennakins came to visit me at the cottage this weekend! It was so nice to have a friend over and I realised I hadn't cried at all this past week which means this city girl must be starting to settle in. We both fancied a quiet morning so we decided to tuck ourselves away at Deborah's in Kloof. It can get pretty chillos up the hill (read: I am wearing Eskimo boots in November) so it's nice to know there's a cozy spot nearby where you can sink into a comfy sofa. Thanks to my mom for telling me about this place - I actually ran into some other folks there who had been sent there by my mom! Take a squizz below and be sure to visit Deborah's if you also love tea and treasures. x

 photo IMG_1755.jpg photo IMG_1924.jpg photo IMG_1772.jpg photo IMG_1867.jpg photo IMG_1764.jpg photo IMG_1749.jpg photo IMG_1904.jpg photo IMG_1874.jpg photo IMG_1901.jpg photo IMG_1899-2.jpg photo IMG_1836.jpg photo IMG_1817.jpg photo IMG_1831.jpg photo IMG_1771.jpg photo IMG_1908.jpg photo IMG_1825.jpg photo IMG_1805.jpg photo IMG_1750.jpg photo IMG_1793-2.jpg photo IMG_1780.jpg photo IMG_1760.jpg photo IMG_1872.jpg photo IMG_1878.jpg photo IMG_1923.jpg photo IMG_1890.jpg photo IMG_1910.jpg
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