Sunday, October 5

My birthday tea

Holla friendships! I'm turning thirty-two on Tuesday but I celebrated with my besties and family yesterday at Churchills. I was soooo excited to photograph everything and everyone and then my worst nightmare came true - my camera card malfunctioned!!!! In the chaos of prepping party paraphernalia, I forgot to pack my back-up gear. Le sigh. But I still managed to grab a couple of snaps of the table (although I wanted to snap every detail!) My mom baked the killer cake, Madame Macaron whipped up the glittery macarons and Churchills served the most delicious tea and treats. We had so much fun tucking into everything while crazy French music played in the background! Thank you to everyone who came and made my day so amazing. It was lovely to be surrounded by all my special peeps. Pics of me larking about with the balloons are coming up later this week! x

 photo IMG_1190.jpg photo IMG_1212.jpg photo IMG_1194.jpg photo IMG_1243.jpg photo IMG_1185.jpg photo IMG_1196.jpg photo IMG_1217.jpg photo IMG_1230.jpg photo IMG_1242.jpg photo IMG_1222.jpg photo IMG_1206-1.jpg photo IMG_1237.jpg photo IMG_1229-2.jpg
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