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My favourite places in Durban and the Midlands

The number one post that people search for on Gloss is this old chestnut - My Top Ten Durban Faves - which is now missing half the photos because I never upgraded my Flickr account! So I thought it was time for an update. I'm not really into the trendy-sushi-hotspot-and-nightclub vibes. Rather, I'm more into the weird old thrift-store-and-animal-farm scene! Hope it's of use to someone! x

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This is Durban's oldest car boot market and it's kind of crazy! You need to have your wits about you because, well, there are quite a lot of pickpockets and erm, interesting characters wandering about. That said, you can scoop some cool buys like a vintage camera or a bundle of buttons!

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This cafe and it's sweet little shops are set in an old Pietermaritzburg house
overlooking an English style garden. It's a cute little hideaway after a drive up the hill from Durbs.

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I visited this beautiful nursery on a misty day in late Spring last year when the roses were blooming! You can buy giant mushrooms and visit the goatlings and chickens which live there.

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Flag is a great big animal farm in Balito where you can milk cows, feed the goats and pet the pigs. There are lots of other furry friends (and snakes!) which the kiddies will love.

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If you'd like to restore some old furniture or find a collectible summin', chat to 
Christy at Second Treasures. I've found lots of vintage knick-knacks here too.

 photo KLOOF.jpg photo IMG_8516.jpg photo SQUARES.jpg photo 12.jpg photo IMG_8799.jpg

These are my two favourite charity shops which are based in the Highway Area. You have to rummage around and fight off the odd crazy collector, but if you like old sh*t, these are your spots! They can be a little hit and miss so the trick is go fairly often if you can.

 photo SHON.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-39-40AM3465x5202.jpg photo IMG_95132.jpg photo IMG_9491.jpg

This bustly market sells flowers, farm-fresh goodies and cute crafts among other things.
People bring their dogs and kids at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings.

 photo ROSEWOOD.jpg photo IMG_9369.jpg photo IMG_9381.jpg

I love this store because you can find rad old things for a reasonable price, while your pizza is baked for you outside! Be sure to wander round the back where they store old enamelware. 

 photo BACK.jpg photo IMG_9953.jpg photo IMG_9980.jpg photo IMG_9961.jpg 
If you're driving through Howick, swing by this barn-style house which sells everything from old school desks to creepy doll parts. They also have a crazy bird outside which eats chicken bones!

 photo IHEART.jpg photo IMG_9130.jpg photo IMG_2163.jpg

I haven't been able to visit this market in a while but I will again soon! Durban's hipsters cool creatives come here to buy and sell clothing, furniture, records, crafts and gourmet sandwiches! If you're looking for a special, hand-made treasure, you'll find it at I Heart Market.

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We always make our way up the winding hill to Swissland Cheese when driving through the Midlands. You literally feel like you're in Switzerland, and you can pet the baby goats which are born in August. We watched newborns take their first steps on our last visit!

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This market has sadly become pretty kitchy and well, shady but if you scrummage around, you can still bag a retro find in the second-hand stores - and grab some mini donuts on your way out! There are loads of other places I'd like to scribble about so maybe I'll do a second post some time. x
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