Sunday, July 20

Peace, Love and Sunlight

As many of my Insta buddies know, my gran recently passed away. She was the sweetest, most humble creature you've ever met. I'm still trying to process it, and I'm still feeling sad but I'm trying to do little things to honour her making more time for my friends and family. Jennakins has also been going through a rather rough time and we decided that a wander in the winter sun would do us good! After some picture-snapping shenanigans, we went round to her mom's place and proceeded to watch this crazy show called Cake Boss. Now I am tucked up at home with Tall One, eagerly awaiting our Sunday roast to be done! Thank you to everyone who messaged me about my gran. Your words meant more than you know. We haven't even met and yet you guys wrote the sweetest things. Much love, friendships, much love. x PS: Will post Jenna's pics this week! 

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