Sunday, November 3


On Saturday, I hung out with this nice gang! We braaied, sang 90's songs and played ridiculous games just like we did when we were in highschool. The highlight of the night was watching Tall One de-zombify with a hundred make-up wipes. x

 photo IMG_2676-1.jpg photo IMG_2681.jpg photo IMG_2691.jpg photo IMG_2706.jpg photo IMG_2709.jpg photo IMG_2679.jpg photo IMG_2694.jpg photo IMG_2710.jpg photo IMG_2719.jpg photo IMG_2708.jpg photo IMG_2711.jpg photo IMG_2695.jpg photo IMG_2715.jpg photo IMG_2677.jpg photo IMG_2689.jpg photo IMG_2686.jpg photo IMG_2707.jpg photo IMG_2683-1.jpg photo IMG_2705.jpg photo IMG_2682.jpg
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