Saturday, November 9

Goatlings and country flowers

Long time, no chat friends! So...three things about me - I love goatlings, mist and flowers. Today, these things came together in an epic trifecta of awesomeness when Tall One and I visited the Mushroom Farm! Is there anything sweeter than a bunny and a goatling in a bucket of pellets?! Yes, there is. A baby panda - but a bucket 'o bunny-and-goat comes in at a close second. So, Jon doesn't really do things like takeaway coffee and thrifting (he's more of a rub-two-sticks-together-to-make-fire and scream-at-the-TV-during-rugby kind of guy) but today, he drove me to my fave places because I've been buried under a pile of briefs. Wow, that sounds wrong. I've been erm, busy with work stuff. I love my new job and I've been fortunate to work on some wild projects lately (wish I could blog 'em!) but it does mean a few things have had to give - Gloss being one of them. Hopefully, I will be back in a routine soon. Thanks for popping in! Hope you are all fine and dandy :)

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