Monday, September 2

Alex the Great

I had the most scrumptious brunch with Jon's family yesterday. His sister-in-law is a bona fide baker  - jackpot! After we'd all tucked into plates of deliciousness, this little one awoke from his nap! Meet Alex - he's eleven months and the most precious little soul. He stares into Jon's eyes and I can't even compute the cuteness. Heartbreakers - the pair of 'em. Thank you Annabelle and Richard for a bang-up brunch! x

 photo IMG_9802.jpg
 photo IMG_9781.jpg photo IMG_9792-2.jpg photo IMG_9815.jpg photo IMG_9742.jpg photo IMG_9778.jpg photo IMG_9809.jpg photo IMG_9795.jpg photo IMG_9738.jpg photo IMG_9760-3.jpg photo IMG_9835-1.jpg photo IMG_9777-2.jpg photo IMG_9787.jpg photo IMG_9806.jpg photo IMG_9785.jpg photo IMG_9790.jpg photo IMG_9780.jpg photo IMG_9748.jpg photo IMG_9796.jpg
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