Tuesday, August 6

Our Country Getaway - Part 1

I was quite shocked when the Tall One agreed to cottage it up in the country. He is usually content - nay - loves to sleep under the stars atop a mountain on a freezing winter's night. So when he okayed a roof and a fireplace - I was happily surprised! On Friday morning, we waved goodbye to Kloof and headed for 'our' little home in the hills. We fed carrots to donkeys and Jon fed them Stout, prompting them to creepily stalk us around the field. We also petted baby goatlings! I was so excited, I walked straight into an electric fence but lived to tell the tale of the mini jolt! Other highlights included making the world's yummiest pizza, picnicking by the dam and of course, fireplace snugging. We took so many photos so I'll probably blog more this week. x

 photo IMG_2468.jpg photo IMG_0012.jpg photo IMG_0020.jpg photo IMG_0051.jpg photo IMG_2366.jpg photo IMG_2343.jpg photo IMG_2638.jpg photo IMG_2457.jpg photo IMG_0026.jpg photo IMG_2615.jpg
 photo IMG_2628.jpg photo IMG_2459.jpg photo IMG_2545.jpg photo IMG_2601.jpg photo IMG_0046.jpg photo IMG_2652-1.jpg photo IMG_2205-1.jpg photo IMG_2507-2.jpg

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