Tuesday, July 23

A wedding in Africa

Hey, hey gang! On Saturday, I assisted a wedding photographer for the first time. I'm having lots of photography firsts these days which makes me happy :) I was mega fortunate to work with the very talented and lovely Rosanne Young. These aren't the official photos from the day but Zanne will be sure to post those on her Facebook page once she's finished editing. There are hundreds to go through! I was mainly there to reflect blinding light into people's faces! Oh, and I was also chief-bag-carrier and cupcake-stealer! Zanne was kind enough to let me snap some "fill-in" pics throughout the day which I've posted below. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher - Zanne was amazingly helpful and encouraging. I learnt heaps from her. Assisting is truly the best way to learn. Weddings move FAST. You have to know your gear inside out and as Zanne says, be able to "adapt, adapt, adapt." So my camera and I need to go on a couple more dates - get to know each other a little better. But we're getting there. You learn with every new experience. For example, I learnt - post wedding - that I must always remember to adjust my ISO. Could kick myself for forgetting that one! But assisting is a great way to learn this kinda stuff without the pressure of getting all the key snaps. I think I'd have to down two tequilas and a bottle of rescue if I had to attempt a wedding all on my own. 'Cuz I'm profesh like that. Another thing about snapping weddings - you really become invested in the bridal party! Jackie and Jean were complete strangers to me but by the end of the day, I'd been there beside them throughout all these special moments and heard their life stories as told in the speeches - I left wanting nothing but the very best for them! I was so excited for them to start this new chapter together. Thank you to the beautiful couple and to Rosanne for letting me play a role in this love and laughter filled day. x

 photo IMG_0496.jpg photo IMG_1115.jpg photo IMG_0649.jpg photo IMG_1390.jpg photo IMG_0962-1.jpg photo IMG_0935.jpg photo IMG_0831-2.jpg photo IMG_1024.jpg photo IMG_1055.jpg
 photo IMG_1329.jpg photo IMG_1106.jpg photo IMG_1094.jpg photo IMG_1066.jpg photo IMG_1556.jpg photo IMG_1537.jpg photo IMG_1554.jpg photo IMG_1341.jpg photo IMG_1168.jpg photo IMG_1589.jpg photo IMG_1515.jpg photo IMG_1147.jpg photo IMG_1468.jpg photo IMG_0852.jpg photo IMG_0829.jpg photo IMG_1206.jpg photo IMG_1388-1.jpg photo IMG_1541.jpg photo IMG_0807.jpg photo IMG_1598-1.jpg photo IMG_1472.jpg photo IMG_1209.jpg
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