Wednesday, June 19

Life lately through my phone...

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Got my grandpa's Tiddely Winks - I grew up snapping these suckers! / Friday afternoon called for emergency fairy cakes / Jennakins hard at work / Crunched through the leaves on the last weekend of autumn / Watched the sun go down with Tots and the Tall One. / The Tall One is also very good at making fires. / And convincing me to wear flowers in my hair / Jenna decided it was wine 'o clock / Kristy and I went on one crazy bender for her birthday - Hello, Winston randoms at 3am! / Our office: treat central / A cheeky selfie before heading off to the market. / Mapping strawberries in the park / Took a million mental Instagrams with brother bear / The most amazing toasted zarm I've ever had - Cath made 'em on my gran's old snackwich machine - must try every combo of egg, chutney, cheese, hot sauce... / Tucking into some vino / Jenna chucks lols on our to-do lists - hehe. 
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