Tuesday, May 28

Gen's "I Love" Pop-Up Shop

My brilliant bud, Gen has organised this epic Pop-Up Shop at Artspace. 
I ran into lots of I Heart locals last night! Was so nice to catch up with everyone. Denise - I am popping round for tea and leaf crunching soon! Gen - well done, my friend. You did a stellar job creating such a cool exhibit/shopping experience. x

 photo IMG_0825.jpg photo IMG_0744.jpg photo IMG_0704.jpg photo IMG_0676.jpg photo IMG_0751.jpg photo IMG_0776.jpg photo IMG_0843.jpg photo IMG_0834.jpg photo IMG_0879.jpg photo IMG_0904.jpg photo IMG_0829.jpg
 photo IMG_0847.jpg photo IMG_0778.jpg
 photo IMG_0726.jpg photo IMG_0743.jpg photo IMG_0733.jpg photo IMG_0696.jpg
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