Sunday, April 28

Sarah's Cowgirl Hens Jol!

Sarah is getting married next weekend - so we celebrated her last official weekend as a single cowgirl! There were too many shots flying around for the SLR so I took along the happy snapper. Happy hens Sarah! Can't wait to party again next weekend! x

 photo untitled-19544.jpg photo untitled-19500.jpg photo untitled-19508.jpg photo untitled-19513.jpg photo untitled-19510.jpg photo untitled-19514.jpg photo untitled-19527.jpg photo untitled-19537.jpg photo untitled-19539.jpg photo untitled-19553.jpg photo untitled-19556.jpg photo untitled-19557.jpg photo untitled-19561.jpg photo untitled-19563.jpg photo untitled-19564.jpg photo untitled-19566.jpg photo untitled-19577.jpg photo untitled-19578.jpg photo untitled-19590.jpg photo untitled-19594.jpg photo untitled-19597.jpg photo untitled-19602.jpg
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