Wednesday, April 17

Life lately through my phone

Hey, hey! 

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I bought cupcakes for Neil's birthday and mom baked brownies for my gran's birthday. 
All the treats were EPIC!

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My gran is moving to a smaller home and donated lots of lovely things to me including these old-school chalks. Starry sparklers for the brownies!

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I also got a vintage Bingo set from my gran and set off camping with Tarryn.

 photo 4-3.jpg

We drank vodka cranberry for breakfast and hiked through lush scenery.

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I took the Monday off and went thrifting with my mom and had lunch at my favourite, Bellevue in Kloof. Stopped to smell the flowers along the way.

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Went through all my old stuff with my mom and found my first ballet tutu and shoes.

 photo 7-3.jpg

Peace! Taneal and I found this epic little antiques store, tucked behind a farmhouse. It was covered in broken teapots and plates.

 photo 8-4.jpg

Taneal found a Jolling Cat!

 photo 9.jpg

The yummiest cake I've ever seen.

 photo 11-1.jpg

My snow sidekick and Tennant had a sherry-fuelled jam on Friday eve!

 photo 12-1.jpg

Celebrating with the birthday girl - buds since playschool! x

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