Sunday, March 17

Shooting stars, forests & the snake!

Autumn has arrived! Tarryn and I headed to the berg to chill among the leafy trees. We petted horses, played scrabble and cooked some epic meals. It looks like we tucked into a million treats but we mostly ate stir-fry! Oh, we also went on one crazy hike. After four kilometers, we were about three quarters through our circular route. Tarryn hadn't been feeling well and I was getting a bit concerned about the weather. After making our way through the first forest, Taryn perked up and took the lead. We were walking along a path of sunny rocks when suddenly, Tarryn screamed and then calmly stepped back saying, "Move back, move back." I heard the hiss and in a moment of terror, I saw this big, fat yellow and black Puff Adder squirming and rearing it's head back at us. I froze in shock for a second and then I started bolting back towards the forest. Tarryn stopped me and calmed me down but I was trembling. I'm sure I must have been white with fear. I am terrified of snakes! And this is one of the deadliest. Just a few weeks before, I had read about a hiker being bit in the berg. We couldn't pass the snake so we had to head back the way we had come. I just wanted to get out of the bush and far away from any snakes! I got this burst of adrenaline and started lunging over mossy rocks! Tarryn was hollering, "Slow down, La, rest and eat something!" As we lept out of the forest, lightening cracked across the sky. I felt utterly out of my depth. But I was grateful for brave, calm Tarryn who kept saying, "We're gonna be ok, La." I bundled my camera up inside my raincoat and tucked it in my backpack. When we got to the river, we held hands and waded through thigh-high deep water with thunder rolling above us. I raced back to the car-park as fast as my knackered legs would carry me! As soon as I got in the car, I texted my mom, feeling happy to be alive and un-bitten! But a few hours later, we were back in the car for our night's sleep as the rain was bucketing down, soaking our tent. By the morning, the skies had cleared and we scrambled up some eggs. Thank you to Tarryn who drove us there and kitted us out with every camping essential! A few years ago, I would never have believed that I would be going on mental, mountain adventures! Despite the scary moments, I'm so glad I did. Tomorrow, I'm going to chill with my mom and give my dogs a great big hug! Hope you guys had a less treacherous weekend?

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My gran recently gave me the turquoise bowl, cola glasses and colourful blankets. I love them so much! And I have loved those glasses since I was a kid. I will tell you more about her stuff soon. x
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