Wednesday, January 30

Subscribing to Gloss (and lotsa colourful things!)

Hello! Just a little nugget of info for my friends - I don't always post blog links on Facebook as I try not to spam the heck out of the newsfeed. But there are a couple of ways you can follow Gloss and never, ever skip a post - oh, you lucky lot! Lols. 
1. Bookmark Gloss on your browser
3. Subscribe via email (just bung your email addy in that box below in the left column).
You'll get a post in your inbox whenever I blog summin. Google does that for me, thanks Google.
You can reply via email and I'm usually pretty swift to reply back:)

And some of you are subscribed via Google Friend Connect (merci!) although I don't use that feature anymore. Thanks to everyone who subscribes - I didn't actually realise how many of my own friends subscribe until they told me over the holidays - "Oh yeah, we get your posts via email." Cuteness!

I posted these pics on Smitten yesterday - they are some of my fave things:)

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