Tuesday, January 22

Random Update - emphasis on random.

Whats up, gang! Sorry al Glosso has gotten off to such a slow start this year.  And Jan is nearly over - what? We won't talk about the Easter Eggs in store. And we won't talk about all the Valentines Fortune Cookies I've eaten - Saffers, have you tried those ones from Woolies? They are amazing! The fortunes depress me a bit (You and your lover will live happily ever after) but damn, they are tasty. Ok, what am I talking about? Just a random update really. So...when not at le office, I've been working on freelance stuff (while listening to stand-up - Dane Cook and Aziz Ansari destroy me!), reading a Bear Grylls book (Love Bear! He's brilliant and kind and his kids have the most adorable names.), following the Lance Armstrong debacle (oi, Lance...oi), watching Parks and Rec and I've finally gotten back into my work-out routine again. This Monday, I had to accept that holidays really were over and that spending ten zillion hours on Pinterest is not gonna help me get to goal weight. Also, just been busy with lots of house research - turns out you need a ton of loot to get going before you can apply for a building loan. But somehow, I will find the cottage of my dreams! So yeah, nothing really exciting to blog about but I wanna keep the pressure off blogging this year - like I did last year. I blogged when I was able to and I loved that. I like using Gloss as a scrapbook. Just means its a bit of a snoozefest for chunks of a time but that's life, eh! Hope you are well my friends of the internet. That's me in Paris below - check how short I am! I think I must blog about my 2008-2009 travels sometime. They were good times and I feel like the need to live on Gloss as well. x

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