Thursday, November 22

Monday missions with Matt

My friend Matt came to visit! He lives in Norway now so we only see each other about once a year. Matt was the person who inspired me to start taking pictures. He can take a picture of the simplest, everyday thing and make it look magical. So on Monday, he thought he was just coming for pizza and wine but little did he know I'd planned a night of photography lessons and missions - muhahahaha! I've always wanted to know how to do long-exposure shots but I hadn't managed to figure it out on my camera. Well, Matt showed me how to do it in two seconds - epic! He also showed me how to take sparkler-name-writing pics - ahhhhh! I really wanted to do that when I went camping a while back but I couldn't figure it out. Will post those pics soon. And then he loaded film in a couple of my vintage cameras and showed me how to use those bad boys. It's a real pity he lives so far away - he'd be a brilliant photo mission bud. How's those photogenic faces, eh!? : P


Loading film into old cameras is dangerous business!
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