Sunday, October 21

31 Polaroids

I went round to visit Nikki the other night and another curious thing happened. We were sipping wine, catching up and then she said, "You have to open one of your gifts now." I was like, "Sweet!" And she was like, "I wanted to get you something that would remind you that so many people care about you." So sweet. And then she gave me 31 pictures of all my friends, printed Polaroid style - a pic for every day of the month. I was speechless. She had grabbed them from my Facebook page. There were pics of me with people that Nikki doesn't even know that well - how amazingly kind and thoughtful? There was also a pic of my mom, playing the piano. She was playing Mumford and Sons when I took the pic - more on that in a this is where it gets weird/awesome. Among the pics were two quotes Nikki had printed. I asked her, "Did you also get these off my Facebook page?" She replied, "No, I got them off Google images. I was trying to find quotes that I thought were suitable to you." I said something like, "You're sure you did not see these on my Facebook page?" She replied, "No, why?" Now, I haven't posted alot of quotes on Facebook. Maybe three in total. Well, two of the quotes she had printed were quotes I had uploaded this year. I uploaded each one months apart but they are connected..and I just could not believe that Nikki had printed these two quotes out of all the quotes in the world! The second "quote" is actually Mumford and Sons lyrics. Nikki, also did not know that I've been meaning to print alot of these pics for ages. So it was pretty much the most amazing, serendipitous gift ever. Pix, thank you so much - I love them :)


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