Sunday, September 23

The Rhino Run

The short story:
Nads and I did this fun run and the organisers are giving all the proceeds to rhino conservation.
A fun event for a good cause!


The long story:
So...I've been trying to adopt a more healthy lifestyle over the past couple of months. No crazy diets. Just working out more. Eating better. Lost eight kilos. Eight more to go. Oi.

Nads and I have also been trying to challenge ourselves and encourage each other to try new things. We did abseiling. We did rap jumping. And now we've done a fun run! I had only ever done two fun runs in my life and I came STONE last in both of them. Not even joking! I am not a runner. Nads on the other hand is a running machine - see above! So she has very kindly been training me and helping me progress from walking to jogging. She has kicked my butt in the nicest possible way and I am so grateful.

We did this trail run and I am proud to say we did not come last! I'm not sure if I'll ever become a runner but I am enjoying jogging and I want to get fitter and faster.

Our other forthcoming challenges include self-defense classes, dance classes, more trail running, kayaking, hiking, extreme thrifting (lols, not really) and Nads wants to swing off the stadium!
I think I shall erm, pass on that one.

Thank you Nads for training me, encouraging me and not abandoning me in the Umgeni bush!

PS: Well done to my friends Taneal and Lynne who ran too and were amazing!
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