Sunday, September 30

Home Tour: Come on in!

Now that I've told you a little about my humble home, I thought it might be fun to do a tour!
Sandra also did one the other day. Her apartment is dead charming.
Mine is alot smaller but we'll take a peek anyway.
This little creature will greet you at the door.                           
So will this guy. The other plants committed suicide :(
The first room you enter is the kitchen. It has a kinda modern-meets-retro vibe. 
I have a two-plate hob which is fine because I only have one pot. Lols.Photobucket
I love these cheery spoons. They were a prezzie from Nads.  Photobucket
I like sticking fun, new stuff on the fridge. Here is a postcard from Islington, London. 
I stayed there on holiday with my mom once and loved it.
 On the counter, you can find stuff to make heart-shaped eggs and tea :)Photobucket
And cute spices to cook and bake with. As you can see...I've never used any of them. Ha.
Polka dots of course.Photobucket
 A postcard from Notting Hill. The magnets are from Mr Price Home.  Photobucket
Stripey straws and party cups are a household must:)
Above my fridge is a very impressive collection of invisible vintage wines. 
Also living there are some cameras and an epic tea set that I found in a second-hand store.
Thanks for popping in! More pics to follow soon. x
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