Wednesday, August 29

Q&A (Your questions!)

This week's Q&A is based on real questions from blog readers! A few of you have emailed / tweeted / asked me about this stuff so I thought I'd reply here. x


Why don't you ever blog the 'real' Durban - with its dirty streets, crime etc
Um, because Gloss is my happy little corner on the web. People can read the paper if they want to see the 'real' Durban. 

I'm coming to Durbs, can you suggest stuff for me to do?
I get asked this a lot on Twitter and its very sweet that people think I have cool ideas up my sleeve. I will write a post on this soon so I have something to refer people to. I'm not really a mall or clubbing girl so it'll probably include weird, old thrift stores and pretty nature trails!

Why don't you participate in Twitter / blogging communities as much anymore?
I no longer have access to lightening fast, uncapped ADSL. Also, I just don't have the time anymore. A part of me wishes I had more time to but another part of me is glad that I was forced to unplug a bit. I got addicted to blogs at one point! These days I spend more of my spare time doing things I loved growing up like playing guitar, drawing in my sketchpad and reading books.

Why don't you do outfit posts anymore?
A lever thing broke on my tripod during a move last year. Also, Craig used to kindly take pics for me when we lived together. I also stopped doing 'em because I used to cringe out at the whole thing! I like having fun with clothes, I think they're a cool way to express yourself but I'm definitely not a fashiony person. Nads is trying to twist my arm to get back into it though.We'll see!

You come across as pretty upbeat on your blog. Do you ever have bad days?
Of course I do. The thing is, I like to think of Gloss as my happy escape so I don't indulge in the sad stuff here. That stuff goes into journals and the occasional emo song! Also, I have the most wonderful group of friends and family who are there for me when I need a bit of TLC. 

Will you share more personal stuff on your blog?
I've often wrestled with this one. There have been times when I've wanted to share more of what's on my heart. My sweet, close friends have even suggested I submit personal scribblings to magazines but I don't think I'll ever be comfortable sharing personal stuff publicly. I'm also conscious that anyone from my gran to a client could be reading Gloss! I personally prefer to keep certain aspects of my life private.

What do you do? Do you work full-time/freelance/take pics and blog for a living?
I wish I made a living from taking and blogging pics! I work full-time in advertising and I freelance in the evenings/weekends depending on if I need the extra loot or if a cool project presents itself. Ultimately, I'd love to become a full-time photographer but I need to save for a new camera, lens and photography course. I do have a couple of other business dreams and goals that I'm working on with a friend...I will share more in time...things are already coming along quite nicely which is great.

What camera do you use / how do you edit your pics?
I want to write an updated post but I have scribbled about this here :)

Who designed your blog layout?
I did it! I'm semi-self-taught in Freehand, Fireworks and Photoshop. I also customized the heck out of my original Blogger Minima template! I googled tutorials and followed those to get Gloss to look how I wanted it to.

Will you photograph my wedding in KZN?
It is beyond sweet and flattering when people ask me this! The thing is, I don't have wedding-worthy photography gear and I've never trained to shoot a wedding. But thank you for asking. There are a couple of local photographers that I refer people to.

What sites do you read daily?
I love starting the day with a good lol! Rage Comics are my fave and then I check into 9Gag. I'm also a bit of a Facebook local, and after resisting, I've become quite keen on Pinterest. I've read Niotillfem daily for about three years. I used to post regularly on a local music forum before I started blogging.

If there's anything else ya wanna know, please feel free to fire away:)

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