Monday, June 18

Tennant's Birthday!

On Saturday, it was Tennant's birthday! We decided to kick off the celebrations with an early visit to the Farmer's Market. We must all be getting on to be heading to the Farmer's Market for birthdays! I have been meaning to go for years but that jol opens at 6am and closes by 10! Hence, I've never made it from under the covers until now. The market is totally amazing. There are rescued owls to pat and lots of yummy things to nosh. And dogs and kiddies jolling around everywhere. Very cool. Afterwards, we made an Oxtail Potjie at Liam and Taryn's house. It was flippen amazing - props to the chefs! We also gave the kiddies wheelbarrow rides and watched the Rugga. I didn't think a day would come where I would by up by 7am and watching Rugby later on but 2012 is bringing some interesting changes! All in all, a very good Saturday. Thanks for having a birthday Tennant!

I was feeling dead chuffed with my nails which I'd had done the day before - I never get 'em done!
Birthday boy above!
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