Tuesday, March 13

Red & Yellow Office Cheer

Since I blogged about that song on Sunday - everyone has been cracking up, telling me, it's like a Number 1 hit everywhere including SA - ha! Gosh, I never listen to the radio so these things pass me by. But glad I've caught up to the Gotye phenom! So, yeah, on Saturday, I had a lovely lunch with my blogger pals and sweet Casey gave me this awesome Kodak camera. I've run out of space to display anymore cameras in my studio so this chap now lives on my desk at work with my Polaroid. Thanks Case, I just adore it! And then my colleague and I were walking through the giant sweet aisle at Makro yesterday and I thought, 'Hey, we should have a sweet jar!' So we bought Fizz Pops and  this epic chalkboard jar which we found in the glassware aisle. Good times!

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