Thursday, March 8

101 things I like


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1. Sharpening pencils. Immensely satisfying!
2. Little children that smile shyly at you in the supermarket.
3. Surprises on my desk like a Remmington typewriter in it's original case.
4. Cute French children who squeal "Parc Disneyland!" pronounced "Disneylaande!" as the train arrives at the park.
5. Boys that open doors for you.
6. Fluffy dogs that shadow you around the house from room to room.
7. My sweet mother who always saves cosmetic samples for me and buys me little gifts.
8. My nice Dad who offers me tea when I come round.
9. My younger brother that sends me old photos of our dogs.
10. Whatsapp messages from friends saying, "How are you love?"
11. Men choosing flowers in the shops for their other halves on Friday evenings.
12. Polka-dot serviettes, heart-shaped ice trays and vanilla candles.
13. Silky, silver sheets.
14. The moment you step under the shower and feel like a new person again.
15. Waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing to do but go for coffee, read the paper and mooch around the neighbourhood.
16. Driving down the hill and seeing the city lights as it gets dark.
17. Friends that send you links to Youtube videos and lyrics of songs that made them think of you.
18. Fluffing your freshly blow-waved locks.
19. Hairdressers that say "I saw this in a magazine and told everyone, it's so Lauren"
20. Blog readers who send me cute emails. I really do treasure every one and I'm sorry it sometimes takes me a while to reply.
21. Sweet men in the hardware store that patiently listen while you describe the very important DIY project you're trying to do.
22. Your friends' little ones running up to you with drawings and macaroni art for your fridge.
23. Dancing around to the Ally McBeal soundtrack with your bestie after noshing mince on toast and glugging a bottle o' vino.
24. Boys that bring umbrellas to your car because they know you worry about getting your hair wet in the rain.
25. Strangers stopping to pay you a compliment.
26. Kind colleagues making you tea in your favourite cup.
27. When you only have to skype your friend one sentence and they totally get what you mean as they know your entire life history.
28. Cracking the caramelised sugar of a freshly-made creme brulee.
30. Walking into a room and being hit by the smell of fresh flowers.
31. The comforting smell of baby products.
32. Holding a sleepy newborn against your chest.
33. This song.
34. Pulling on fluffy socks when your feet are freezing.
35. Facebook profile pics of your friends that you snapped of them.
36. Wheeling your suitcase into an airport, knowing you'll soon be in the air.
37. Looking down from the clouds and seeing a neatly laid-out city waking up and driving off to work in the dark.
38. The smell of the London underground.
39. Hearing gently spoken, articulate British men on the phone.
40. Hand-picking fresh veggies and herbs.
41. Discovering a treasure in a dusty store.
42. Being cooked for.
43. Pretty file dividers with neat labels and freshly punched papers.
44. Waking up in the middle of the night to see a message on your phone saying 'I miss you.'
45. Husbands that pack surprises in their wives' lunchboxes and leave sweet notes under their windscreen wipers.
46. The way brogues just seem to go with every outfit.
47. Being inspired by a brave friend who buys a round-the-world ticket after having her heart broken.
48. Turning on your laptop in the morning and your best song comes on as you start to get dressed.
50. Cheerful plants that greet you when you come home.
51.  Ex-boyfriends that ask if you've watched a movie because it made them think of you. You watch it, love it and it becomes one of your favourite films of all time.
52. Walking out of the rain and into a toasty cafe in London.
53. The scent of pretty-smiling facewipes that remind you of the time you went to London with your mom.
54. Patisseries brimming with glazed goodies, served by cute bakers in flour-dusted aprons.
55. Trestle table desks that make you feel like you work in an art class.
56. Taking the scenic route home so you can listen to this song really loudly.
57. Boys in flannel shirts who drop their daughters off at play school.
58. This blog post.
59. Roast potatoes cooked with love by your gran.
60. Stripey straws in every drink just because you can.
61. Sitting on a kitchen counter-top with a glass of wine and hearing your friend to tell you the most outrageous story while she cooks.
62. Husbands that tuck you in with soup when you're sick.
63. Kind pharmacists that listen empathetically when you describe in great detail how you think you may seriously be dying from your cold.
64. Pulling on a new pair of black tights and biker boots.
65. Ribbons and bows and pink nail polish.
66. Discovering new music that sounds like it was recorded twenty years ago.
67. The feel of new electric guitar strings when you strum the first chord.
68. Amplifier reverb.
69. Walking into my deli and the locals saying 'Hey Lauren, how are ya? Have a biscuit, here's the paper!' Thank you!
70. Cold nights and clear skies in the country.
71. Lying on the grass, in the shade with a dog chilling besides you.
72. Discovering a pigeon family's eggs, watching the babies grow up and learning how to fly.
73. This piano piece from Amelie.
74. Picnics besides waterfalls.
75. Midnight toast-making sessions.
76. Napping under soft blankets on rainy days.
77. When the video store guy says he loves your taste in movies. Which ranges from Twister to Amelie!
78. Boxes of old love letters and diaries.
79. Policemen on horses that nod politely when they trot past.
80. When your dog sits all civilised on the waiting room chairs in the Vet.
81. Onions sizzling, bacon frying and popcorn popping - not all at once, of course.
82. Getting caught in a snowfall in Paris.
83. Huddling in the corner of a smoky coffee shop in Amsterdam.
84. A boyfriend's dad teaching your how to make Alfredo in the kitchen.
85. Peeling potatoes with someone you love.
86. Sitting in my bed, looking around the flat and feeling content at how tidy it is...for a change!
87. Getting the perfect, red skinny belt from your mom which she wore in the 70's.
88. Making a new friend in minutes and bonding for life - oh, hai Candi!
89. Packing my pencil case.
90. Toasty towels out of the dryer.
91. Snuggling under the covers with a hilarious book and a mug of tea.
92. Slowdancing in the lounge just because you can.
93. Nailing a drum roll. I once drummed at a gig and it was the best feeling ever.
94. Wandering around duty-free, sipping iced coffee and spending a disgusting amount of money on magazines.
95. Sinking your feet into the sand as the water washes over them.
96. Someone giving you an album you've been looking for, for ten years.
97. Waffles with strawberries and a dusting of icing sugar
98. A beautifully wrapped gift with a handwritten card
99. Surprises in my ancient, wooden postbox.
100. Music which fills your heart with happiness and sadness all at once.
101. Gloomy, crazy weather.
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