Wednesday, December 21

Happy holidays you lovely lot

Guys! I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year. I hope you all get some time to relax with your nearest and dearest. Some of my girl friends have flown in and will be flying in from abroad which is awesome. Tonight, I'll be lounging round the pool with 'em, sipping wine and talking nonsense. Can't flippen wait. In a way, this no-net enforced blog break has been quite nice! I've been listening to loads of music, watching doccos, playing guitar, visiting friends and getting inspired in other spheres of life. So I hope to return to blogville feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! I have, however, thoroughly missed reading your news but I am following many of you on Twitter and poking my head in to your blogs when I can. Thanks so much to all of you have supported me this year. Thank you for your kind comments, emails and tweets. Thank you for the encouragement and lols along the way! Alot went down in my life behind the blog this year. Some good, some sad and some downright crazy. I still haven't figured out what to share and what to keep personal but I want you to know I really appreciate you guys. Sometimes life gets in the way and I battle to reply to emails and tweets promptly but I read and value every one. Here are some of my fave pics from the year. They're floating around in the Gloss archives. Here's wishing us all a safe and happy festive season. Big love, Me x

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